5 practical tips from recent GDPR data audits to think about…

Remove autofill on email to stop personal data going to wrong email addresses

Don’t use personal phones for work. This ensures that the personal data of business contacts stays within the organisation’s control. Work mobiles should be password protected.

Cleaners should not be able to see or access personal data on your premises (so clean desk policy, locked cabinets and locked-down computer screens). Also, monitor who has keys and ensure keys are signed for, collected and dropped off at the premises (if electronic key-systems not in place).

Letters and other items, such as sick notes, containing personal data often go through reception. Make sure items are concealed from public view and secured.

USB sticks, cameras and other external hard drives are often used for good business reasons but can also be used to download other data. Introduce password/encryption protocols to keep data secure and monitor access.

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